Wedding Dance Testimonials

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Velina & Tsvetan

The experience was great. Shame the nerves got on to us and we got it a bit wrong but people said they didn’t notice. - Dance Instructor KRISTINA PFEFFER
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Joy & Tian

Ivania is without a doubt a brilliant dance teacher. She is so patient and encouraging and makes the extra effort for everyone that she teaches. Ivania always provides the full hour to her students and is so attentive so every little detail.

We had such a wonderful experience learning our wedding first dance from her and received so many compliments from our friends and family on our first dance choreography. We are so glad that we chose to learn our first dance with Ivania and we would absolutely recommend her to any other prospective students. - Dance Instructor IVANIA ELENA
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Kasia & Lukasz

We expected to learn a dance that won`t be very difficult but will look effective and express our love. Learn dancing with Marina was a pleasure. She was very patient and repeat every single step with us, to make sure we dance proper and nice and in the same time feel comfortable. She was very flexible with changing elements of our dancing and gave us a few very important indicators that helped us on the Day.
She has kept in touch with us even after we finish classes and support all the time. On the Day we did very well! Although we forgot few steps because of our stress we could have still carry on with our dance thanks to what Marina has taught us. THANK YOU!. - Dance Instructor MARINA POPOV
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Melanie & Freddie

We just wanted to say thank you SO much for all your help teaching us as total beginners how to dance as well as choreographing our first dance for our wedding. You were professional yet met our lession fun and we were quite sad when we finished last one. We enjoyed each session very much and every time come away feeling a little bit more confident on the day itself, everyone was amazed that we had taken lesson and it really added to some very special memories for us. - Dance Instructor KRISTINA PFEFFER.
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Will & Sophia

Our first dance is one of our favourite memories of our wedding day. The lessons together were fun and were a good opportunity to spend time together during the rather hectic run-up to the wedding itself. Marina is a wonderful teacher and she helped us to learn quite a simple dance but one which looked good and which we could remember. It was reassuring when we heard the opening bars of the song; we knew what to do! We also loved the song - Elvis' Can't Help Falling in Love. The cheers and whoops during every new move in the dance were fantastic - our family found it one of the most special moments of the day and there were quite a few tears following the big finale! Thank you so much - Dance Instructor MARINA POPOV.
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Kate & Tom

The wedding was amazing and we actually managed to dance fairly competently. We have also used the steps at all the other weddings we’ve been too this year which has been a lot of fun. We’re going to try and carry on when we get back from honeymoon in September.

Neither of us had any prior experience and we took the classes as we wanted to be able to actually dance our first dance. Kristina taught us a series of steps for two different dances which we have used at a number of weddings and parties since. We also confidently navigated our first dance without feeling like we were performing a routine. I highly recommend Mr Wonderful Dancing as we are now confident dancing in social situations which is not something I had expected ahead of the lessons. Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm! - Dance Instructor KRISTINA PFEFFER
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Sanja & Mark

We wanted a simple dance for our wedding something that would not be too stressful to remember on the day. Kristina gaged our level (beginner!) very quickly and soon choreographed a routine that had a few spins and turns and romantic dip kiss to finish. - Dance Instructor KRISTINA PFEFFER